16 Mar 2023



11 Feb 2023


06 Feb 2023

Great. As usual 👍👍👍


15 Jan 2023

Order: chicken kiev wrap with salad and garlic mayo I hadn't ordered from Istanbul for a while as the last time I did the wrap was overloaded with garlic mayo and was cold upon arrival. I decided to give it another go tonight 15.1.23. Again upon arrival the wrap was stone cold and the chips hard like they'd been sitting cold for a while. Due to this I will not make any future delivery orders from Istanbul


12 Jan 2023


04 Jan 2023

Cold & 20 minutes late


27 Dec 2022


20 Dec 2022


18 Dec 2022


10 Dec 2022


08 Dec 2022

Ordered at 5pm for food to be delivered at 5.40pm. Email at 6pm to say it was being made. Food finally arrived at 6.20pm and it was all cold. Very disappointed


05 Dec 2022

Unfortunately food was colder than expected when it arrived. Delivery came 20 minutes after time ( I understand this sometimes can’t be helped) Delivery driver was nice.


13 Nov 2022

Easy to order the food was good and was delivered on time


10 Nov 2022

Great kebab. Fries were soggy but kebab made up for it 👍


30 Oct 2022

This is the 2nd time that my experience has been horrific.Cold very late food, staff including the owner with a shocking rude attitude which borders on abuse and the how dare you complain attitude I will never order from here again and strongly advise people to do the same or risk the same as I have encountered on 2 separate occasions.I phoned after my food was 45 min late despite it been already paid for and was told by a woman that the driver was coming down my hill.I live 2mins away and stood outside for 10 mins and no sign.Phoned back and spoke to the manager Ali.A rude abnoxious man with a shocking attitude who told me I should not have stood outside and that was not there fault despite been told the driver had left and was coming down the hill.You had to hear this man to believe his attitude and lucky it was over the phone and not to my face or it would have escalated.Eventually a cremated cold pizza over an hour late.2nd time had this exact fiasco and should not have gone back but please STOP ORDERING FROM THIS PLACE AND THERE RUDE NASTY STAFF


27 Oct 2022


22 Oct 2022


22 Oct 2022

Food was hot and tasted delicious, fast delivery, Would recommend.

20 Oct 2022

My order, online, came to £14.60 but the delivery driver charged £15.10. I phoned Istanbul and they confirmed that the price was £14.60 and that the driver would be spoken to by the manager. I will not be using this company again due to driver adding extra money onto my order. I do not appreciate being ripped off even if it is only £0.50!!!


05 Oct 2022

The chicken was nice enough and well cooked it was much spicier this time than the last time I had the chicken donner and because of stomach issues I ended up being up all night being sick, Again this was nothing to do with the quality of the food it my stomach issues and the fact that the chicken was a lot spicier than previous orders


04 Oct 2022

Late arrival and soggy chips but pizza was delicious.


30 Sep 2022

Never again I had paid by card and was asked for the money at the door by the delivery girl 😡😡😡😡


10 Sep 2022

The food was amazing!


09 Sep 2022


26 Aug 2022


24 Aug 2022


19 Aug 2022

Great, as usual


14 Aug 2022

Been charged and never received the order even after I called them.


06 Aug 2022

2nd time in 5 orders the food was ordered for 6pm and arrived almost 90 mins early First time when phoned spoke to a female with an attitude problem who passed me to a manager who was no better I let it go but tonight same nonsense so just took the food which by the way the pizza was cremated then won’t order again If a takeaway can get a simple order right in terms of food and time what chance is there Even when accommodating mistakes their customer service is shocking


28 Jun 2022


25 Jun 2022

Could have been hotter but apart from that good


11 Jun 2022

Perfect, as always. Best pizza I know of 👍


28 May 2022

Ordered food, came within the time they had said it would be but missed off item off order, called and said it was missing and was told it would be sent round…didn’t appear 🤷🏼‍♂️👎🏻


23 May 2022

Food arrived earlier that estimated time given and delivery driver was friendly. Only issue was that I'd ordered a cheeseburger and a plain burger was delivered instead.


07 May 2022


06 May 2022

The best doner calzone I've ever had from there, absolutely loved it!


01 May 2022

Brilliant, as always


30 Apr 2022

Batter was a bit doughie but tasted nice, the chicken donner was a bit to spicy but the sauce on the supper was the perfect amount, enough to taste the sauce but not over power the food


24 Apr 2022

Huge portions with amazing tastes! 10/10


27 Mar 2022


23 Mar 2022

Good was delicious. Delivery time was very quick. Service is always spectacular.


14 Mar 2022


14 Mar 2022

Great as usual 👍


10 Mar 2022

Didn't deliver all my order so had to go up and collect what they had forgotten to deliver. Not a lot of chips in the box and one of the nuggets was a burnt crisp. Usually good but noticed it wasn't the normal people serving


03 Mar 2022

I have used istanbul for over a year now and just over the past months the food hes went down hill a got lasagne it and wasnt good the sheets of pasta where rubbery and a was so disappointed a will be change where a order food from now on


24 Oct 2021


07 Oct 2021


07 Jun 2021


18 May 2021


11 Apr 2021



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